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Misery's name is a fairly accurate summation of her entire personality and being. The trails of tears on her face are constant, her outlook is unfailingly grim, and she either speaks in an apathetic monotone or a highly dramatic howl (the latter is reserved for special occasions and very important proclamations). Misery is fond of talking about her family history, talking about disasters, and restocking her many thousand first aid kits.

The banshee girl is from a long line of walking disaster zones. Pompeii? She had a great-great-really great grandmother there. Disappearance of Atlantis? Black plague? Titanic sinking? Great Fire of London? If something bad happened, you can bet that a member of Misery's family was present. They never mean to cause damage, but terrible things inevitably happen to them. Misery herself has yet to destroy much outside of the mansion her friends graciously keep repairing, but she does bring down the occasional wall, ceiling, window, roof...

Bad weather follows Misery around, as well. The area she lives in exists in a state of perpetual cloudiness with frequent rain and lightning. Misery is very good at attracting lightning (due to the high concentration of iron in her blood, she claims; this makes her an excellent conductor of electricity). She is also good at starting earthquakes while jumping rope, sneezing away the local dustbunny population, breaking mirrors, and starting small house fires.

In spite of her astoundingly bad luck, Misery isn't--well, she is miserable, but it's all part of the job description. She takes disaster in stride and doesn't let it get her down... any more than usual. If anything, she's even more unhappy on the rare Friday the Thirteenth when her luck reverses, flowers grow where she steps, and small woodland creatures take to perching on her. Misery is at her least miserable when she's in her element, and that element involves rain and misfortune.

Misery can sing quite beautifully, but only when she's asleep. Her baking skills are questionable (everything ends up looking like a briquette) and there's very little she can do without destroying property. Fortunately, her friends still love her. Maybe. They put up with her, at least. On the just-barely-enough-light-side, Misery is one of the more sensible and perceptive in her group of misfits. Her doom and gloom outlook might make others uncomfortable, but it gives them plenty of warning before lightning strikes.
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7thArrival with Ruby Gloom
   ☠ Ruby
   ☠ Ruby and Alec
   ☠ Jane, Shirley, and Ruby

25thMisery seeks tea-makings
   ☠ Alec
   ☠ Shirley
   ☠ Ruby
   ☠ Jane


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